Cabo Verdean citizens applying for a passport must present themselves at the consulate with identification document and expired passport.

The biographical data is checked with the existing records in our systems and associated with the biometric data - photography, fingerprint, and signature - previously collected with the assistance of a consular agent.

The applicant must choose the pick-up/receiving place, the priority and the mode of payment, and the process ends with the payment for the service.

Required documents

Identification document or passport (valid or expired)

Pick-up/Receiving Place

Applicants may choose to receive their passport at the place of application or at other embassies and consulates abroad or in Cabo Verde at the authorized institutions (see a list with the official). The Citizen can also choose to receive the passport at home for an additional fee.


Regular Passport

60.00 €

Urgency Fee

50.00 €

Loss Fee

50.00 €

Home Delivery Fee

10.00 €


In normal situations, the deadline for delivery of a passport is a maximum of 10 working days. The deadline for applications for passports of citizens with situations of irregular registrations is a maximum of 10 working days from the date the registration becomes regular. Citizens will be notified automatically by sms and email when their passports are ready.

Urgent orders have a delivery time of 4 working days.

Delivery orders take 2 or more days to arrive. They will be returned to the nearest embassy or consulate in case of difficulties in delivery.


Our law provides for four categories of passport. The regular passport is for all Cabo Verdean citizens. The diplomatic passport is usually assigned to diplomatic officers or to senior political or public officers. The Service passport is issued to civil servants on foreign service mission, and temporary passport is of exceptional use and has a short validity time. It aims to overcome circumstantial constraints and to solve unforeseen situations that may arise.