Generally, foreign citizens need visas for entry and stay in Cabo Verde. However, the following can enter without a visa:

  • Foreigners with a valid residence permit;

  • Foreigners who benefit from exemption or exemption from visa provided for by law or international agreements to abolish visas or free movement and establishment in which Cabo Verde is located;

  • Foreigners holding the "laissez-passer" issued by the states or international organizations recognized by Cabo Verde or to the identification of a foreign official or agent of mission or international organization issued by the governmental department responsible for foreign affairs;

  • Cabo Verdean nationals who have acquired foreign nationality and their spouses and descendants, upon presentation of a passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate or other document stating the circumstance of having been born, married or born to a father or mother in Cabo Verde;

  • You can find here the list of countries whose citizens are exempt from visas to enter the Cabo Verdean territory or who may apply for visas upon entry;

  • Citizens resident in countries where Cabo Verde does not have diplomatic representation may apply for visas when entering the borders;

Required documents

Passport valid for the duration of the stay in Cabo Verde

Pre-registration and TSA

All foreign citizens planning to travel to Cabo Verde are required to pre-register through the available internet platform up to 5 days before the start of the trip and to pay the Airport Security Tax (TSA)

National citizens, citizens of Cabo Verde and foreigners legally residing in Cabo Verde are exempt from pre-registration.

Exempt from TSA payment:

  • Cabo Verdean passport holders on international flights

  • Cabo Verde citizens and their spouses and descendants, on international flights, upon presentation of a passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate or other document stating the fact of having been born, married or born to a father or mother born in Cabo Verde

  • Children under two years of age;

  • Passengers who, on official missions, disembark off aircraft to the private service of the State of Cabo Verde or foreign State on a reciprocal basis;

  • Passengers of aircraft which land on the grounds of forced return to the airport, justified for technical or meteorological reasons or another force majeure, duly substantiated;

  • Passengers in transit at national airports

Types of Visa


  • For citizens in transit to another country and landing in Cabo Verde. Duration of 4 days and extendable only once

Official, diplomatic or courtesy:

  • It must be used within ninety days after its issuance and allows the stay in the country up to 30 days, and may be valid for several entries


  • For recreational tasks and cruises. It must be used within 60 days of its issuance and allows its holder a stay of 90 days, which can be extended for a maximum of an equal period.


  • For cultural travel, business mission, short-term professional activity, medical treatment, family visit and other reasons considered by the authorities. The temporary visa may be ordinary or multiple entries and must be used within a maximum period of 180 days after its issuance. The ordinary allows a stay of 180 days and the multiple entries allows the holder more than one entry and the total stay of 90 days for one year from the date of its issuance.


  • The residence visa is granted to the foreigner who wishes to establish habitual residence in Cabo Verde for one of the following purposes:

  • Professional activity practice

  • Carrying out an investment activity

  • Frequency of a cycle of studies lasting more than 1 year, as a higher education student

  • For the purposes of family reunification with a resident alien (Spouses, minor children, adopted minor or dependent)


The residence permit allows the holder to stay in the national territory for 6 months, which can be extended until the final decision on the application for a residence permit.

To obtain a residence visa, the foreigner must:

  • Have a transport permit that entitles him/her to enter and leave Cabo Verde

  • Have adequate and enough means of subsistence for the expected length of stay

  • Have a travel document with a validity longer than the authorized period of stay

  • Have entered legally in the national territory with temporary visa, other type of visa or without visa in cases of exemption

  • Submit health certificate or equivalent

  • Have an international immunization certificate

  • Submit document that establishes the purpose of residence

  • Have adequate accommodation

  • Not to have been convicted of a felony that in Cabo Verde is punishable by deprivation of liberty for more than one year

  • To present, if requested the certificate of criminal record or equivalent document issued by the competent authority of his / her country of nationality or habitual residence with validity of at least 6 months and translation into the Portuguese language endorsed by the consular services of Cabo Verde.


Transit, Temporary and Tourism:

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