Registration/Consular Card

Consular Registration

Any Cabo Verdean citizen residing abroad should seek the nearest diplomatic institution and make his/her consular registration.

In accordance with our current law, consular services cannot take any action in favor of the Cabo Verdean citizen without being duly registered.

The consular registration is usually associated with a consular card which, in many cases, has replaced an identification document with the authorities of the host countries.

Required documents:

  • Valid passport or identification card of a Cabo Verdean citizen. Exceptionally, identification documents from the host countries can be accepted if an association with the citizen's birth record is possible.


7.10 €

Consular Card

The consular card is the identification document of the citizen in the consulate and is used, in many cases, for the identification of Cabo Verdeans with the authorities of the recipient countries.

Required documents:

  • Valid identification document


5.70 €