National Identification Card

The National Identification Card is an identification document created by the State of Cabo Verde through Decree-Law nº19 / 2014, of March 17th. In addition to being a physical document, it is a secure and multifunctional electronic document.

The card incorporates an electronic chip where the citizen's personal data is stored and, when digital functions are activated, can be used for secure electronic authentication, digital signature, electronic transactions, etc.

Who can apply?

The application is compulsory, by law, for all citizens of Cabo Verdean nationality, resident in the country or in the diaspora, from the age of 4 (four), being optional in the registry at birth.

It is a personal document, and its retention is prohibited by unauthorized entities. Requests relating to children under 14 years of age, impaired or disabled due to psychological issues, must be made by those who, under the law, exercise paternal power, guardianship or curatorship, with the presence of the holder.

Required documents

Valid identification document


CNI Request

The following are exempt from the payment of fees for CNI application:

  • Minors, aged 4 to 7 years;

  • Citizens whose age is over 60 and who do not have income or whose survivor's pension does not exceed the national minimum wage.

14.00 €


The maximum term for delivery of CNI is 15 days for normal application and 7 days for urgent applications.

More information is available on the website of the National System of Identification and Civil Authentication (SNIAC).