• Transit
  • Official, diplomatic or courtesy

  • Tourism

  • Temporary

  • Residence

The visa application is formulated through a platform available on the internet (www.ease.gov.cv). It can be exceptionally requested at the embassies, consulates or in national territory for the payment of a fee.

Applications for a residence visa can only be requested in Cabo Verde but can be instructed at embassies and consulates, which refer to the DEF for decision.

  • Citizens of countries with which Cabo Verde has visa waive agreements. You can check here the list of countries whose citizens are exempt from entry visas in the Cabo Verdean territory or who can apply for visas upon entry.
  • Foreigners with a valid residence permit;
  • Citizens of countries that are exempt from transit, official, diplomatic or courtesy visas, and those of tourism, through Resolution of the Council of Ministers, for short periods, up to a maximum of thirty (30) days, without prejudice to the fulfillment of the other requirements set forth in art. 0 of the Law;
  • Cabo Verdean nationals who have acquired foreign nationality, as well as their spouses and descendants, upon presentation of a passport, certificate and birth, marriage certificate or other document attesting to the fact that they were born, married, or are children of a father or mother born in Cabo Verde
  • Honorary consuls and consular agents of Cabo Verde of foreign nationality


Foreign Holders:

  • of an official identity card of an official or agent of the foreign mission or of an international organization issued by the governmental department responsible for the area of ​​external relations;
  • of travel documents for refugees.

Pre-registration Requirements

Visitor pre-registration consists of providing passport data and information about the dates expected for entry, flight number, date of departure and place of lodging, for a travelers' safety prior checking process by national authorities.

All Travelers are subject to pre-registration, including holders of a Diplomatic, Service or Official Passport.

Visa-exempt citizens are also required to pre-register.

Yes, except for Cabo Verdean nationals as well as foreign residents.

The passenger did not pre-register nor pay the TSA.


As provided in art. 11 of Law No. 19 / IX / 2018, of December 13, visitors who do not present the proof of pre-registration at the Border and who have not done so, will register upon arrival, this time at PARES - at which time they will also pay the airport security fee and, where appropriate, the purchase of the tourist visa.

In the future, travelers will be charged a surcharge if they present themselves at the Border without pre-registration.

Airport Security Fee TSA

The TSA is a fee paid for air passenger services to cover the costs of human resources, materials and information systems, border and airport security, for the prevention and suppression of illegal acts and for the promotion of security system in civil aviation.

The TSA is payable by each passenger disembarking at national airports and aerodromes, whether on domestic or international flights, except for passengers who are exempt.

  • Cabo Verdean passport holders on international flights
  • Cabo Verdeans, as well as their spouses and descendants, on international flights, upon presentation of a passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate or other document stating the circumstance of having been born, married or child of a father or mother born in Cabo Verde
  • Children under two years of age;
  • Passengers who, on official missions, land on aircraft to the private service of the State of Cabo Verde or foreign State, on a reciprocal basis;
  • Passengers of aircraft which land on the grounds of forced return to the airport, justified for technical or meteorological reasons or another force majeure, duly substantiated;
  • Passengers in transit at national airports.

The TSA is due whenever the passenger disembarks at national airports and aerodromes.

Once made, the pre-registration and its payment of the TSA are valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of its realization. In this sense, and in case the trip takes place within a year, it will be enough for the passenger to present the proof of pre-registration at the border upon arrival in Cabo Verde.

Domestic flights between islands: 150 $ 00 (€ 1.36)

International flights: 3,400 $ 00 (30,83 €)

Domestic flights between islands: at the time tickets are issued.

International flights: through the pre-registration platform for foreign passengers.

No, by showing a document proving your nationality. A national and natural Cape Verdean citizen who travels with a foreign passport is not subject to TSA payment and is not subject to pre-registration.


You should go to a consular post with an identification document (passport / BI / CNI). It costs 60 euros.

10 working days

Normally during office hours, but you should check with the diplomatic institution where you applied for the passport.

The renewal of a lost passport has a cost of 111 euros. You must report the loss to the police and bring the report to the consular post.

The urgent passport costs 111 euros. If it is for a loss passport it costs 213 €.

The expected delivery time is between 3 to 5 business days.


You must present the statement of imprisonment, issued by the Prison, 1 passport photo and the identification document. The process will be reviewed and forwarded directly to the Prison Facility.

Other countries:

Consult the nearest consular post.

All travelers must have their own passport.


Yes. All Embassies must promote the CNI to Cabo Verdean citizens residing abroad and it is mandatory to submit the CNI when applying for any consular service.

Yes, it is a document capable of storing, through the built-in Chip, its holder’s data, and is also capable of processing some transactions of identification, authentication and signature by digital means. For more information consult the SNIAC website.

To apply for a CNI, you must go to the diplomatic representation and present an identification document. It has a cost of 14 euros.

Certificates and Criminal Record

In person at the consular post or online through the Consular Portal.

Birth certificate

· If requested in person: At the time of the request

· Through the Portal, during the working hours: 1 business day.

Criminal record

· 2 working days

You can ask a person to make the request at the Embassy/Consular Post. He/she should have a signed declaration by you authorizing the person to make the request, as well as your passport or CNI. You can also request online at the Consular Portal.

Authentication of Documentts

The price of authentication varies between 7.10 € and 14.20 €

Drivers License

Yes. Under the terms of Decree Law no. 7/2017 approving the Agreement between the Portuguese Republic and the Republic of Cabo Verde for the Recognition of Driving Titles, citizens with a driving license issued by the Cabo Verdean authorities are entitled to drive in Portugal. (Link to the pdf with the law decree)

Portugal: You should contact the Transport Mobility Institute (IMT) to find out what to do.

Other countries:

You should contact the nearest Diplomatic Mission.


Yes, provided the applicant shows a copy of the driver’s license.

The duplicate of the driver’s license must be requested in Cabo Verde by means of a power-of-attorney. The power-of-attorney can be done at the Embassy/Consular Post of Cabo Verde or at any notary, and this will have to be authenticated at the Embassy/Consular Post in order to produce full effects in Cabo Verde.


This information must be requested from the Portuguese consulate in Cabo Verde or from the Common Visa Center.

You must present at the Embassy, in the student department to deal with documents and at the Consulate to do the consular registration. It must be accompanied by an identification document, the address where he is to reside and the telephone contact.

Being a Portuguese citizen, you should request this information from the Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service in Portugal, or from the Portuguese Embassy in Cape Verde, entities that are competent to deal with entry visas in Portugal.


Entries of events occurring abroad, whose records have been made by the local authorities, are recorded by transcription. Whenever there is a change in his/her marital status abroad, the Cabo Verdean citizen must request the transcription of the registry at the nearest embassy or consulate or at the Cabo Verde Civil Registry Offices.

Birth Transcription

  • Certificate of birth of the interested party (updated)
  • Birth certificate of a Cabo Verdean father or mother or grandmother
  • Those older than 18 years of age must present a photo ID.

Marriage Transcription

  • Photocopies of identification documents
  • Updated marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates. If one of the spouses is foreigner, he/she must present the birth certificate with the marriage amendment.

 Divorce Transcription

  • Identification document
  • Divorce Judgment, with the words "has become final"
  • Birth Certificate with marriage amendment

Death Transcription

  • Photocopy of applicant's identification document
  • Death certificate
  • Birth certificate of the deceased


Child Recognition Transcription

  • Applicant's identification
  • Certificate of Child Recognition
  • Birth certificate with amendment


Acquisition of nationality by choice (marriage)

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth Certificates
  • Applicant's Certificate of Criminal Record
  • Photocopies of identification documents

Marriage at Embassy

Marriage at the embassy has two distinct stages:

1. Organization of the Marriage Process

For the organization of the marriage process it is necessary the presence of the bride and groom or an attorney-in-fact. They must present the birth certificates and identification documents. Cabo Verdean spouses are exempt from the presentation of birth certificates.

2. Marriage celebration

The diplomatic missions agree in advance with the bride and groom on the date of the marriage ceremony. In addition, witnesses must be present.

In this case the marriage is by proxy. The person who is in Cabo Verde must constitute an attorney-in-fact, giving powers to organize and celebrate the marriage at the embassy/consulate.

The process will be organized with the presence of the attorney-in-fact and the bride and the documents mentioned above.


The vaccination report of the animal must be up to date. Other documents will be requested by the carrier.

No vaccine is required.

The holders of the Cabo Verdean passport can enter without a visa, or get a visa at the entrance, in the countries listed in the Passaport Index.

You should obtain information from the institutions of these countries and, in particular, from their diplomatic representations abroad.

Links of interest:


Portuguese Nationality (Link to the pdf with the LEI).

Other countries:

Consult the authorities of these countries or their diplomatic missions abroad